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Friday, June 16, 2006

cover up

It's amazing what a little aluminum or tin flashing can cover up on a house! If you look at the picture of the roof below, from my last post, you can see that part of it is slanting down. You can't see that under the green wood is rotten wood. To me it looks like wood from a ship wreck left out on the beach - I've seen one on the beach at the Outer Banks. The heating contractor is done - woo hoo! The porch is almost done and costing a lot more than is budgeted. My dad and I will finally finish the bathroom today and tomorrow, it looks pretty nice. Kristin (one of our soon to be house mates) will have her room ready to go tonight, she has it primed and ready to paint. The plaster work in Teah's room looks great, like new, that contractor will also finish today.

In the mean time, I'm preaching this Sunday. I really excited about the word that I feel God is giving me, but I need more preparation... so I'll see you later! Have fun is the sun this weekend!

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