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Thursday, May 11, 2006


On Monday Alyssa and I got the keys to our new house! We haven't closed yet, that comes next Wednesday. But we're helping watch the house while it's empty. The former owner moved out on Tuesday. It was really exciting and REALLY overwhelming to walk through and realize all that we want to do and all that we have to do to get it how we'd like it.

Next Wednesday we're moving it, anybody want to help?!?! I'm getting a U-Haul.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to come home and see your new house!

Apostle John said...

If that is a photo of your home -- it's a great one!

John said...

Thanks Everybody! The move went great because of all your help! We're in and hard at work!

John said...

Oh, and yes, that is our home.

reyes-chow said...

Just cruising around Presby blog land and thought I would drop an totally random congrats on the new home!

alyssa said...

You should tell everyone we're moved - but you did NOT get the U-haul :)