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Friday, April 07, 2006

The Stations of the Cross

Tonight is the opening of The Stations of the Cross art exhibit at the Union Project. Its fun being able to call myself the "curator". We have artists from all over the place contributing. It's an amazing part of my job. Basically I've connected in some way or another with probably 100 different artists and have about 20 who have agreed to create a station for the exhibit. Each artist is totally free to create their piece however they would like. Some of the artists are very devout Christians, some are from teh Open Door. Some are not Christians yet. Both Christians and non-Christians have told me about the powerful spiritual experience of using their artistic gifts in this way. It's so cool to see the art coming in, I never know what we'll get, but it's always great, always surprising, always insightful, especially into the emotions of the last hours of the pre-resurrection Jesus.

The opening tonight is in conjunction with Penn Ave. Arts Innitiative, there should be a ton of poeple! Next week it will be open all week and Friday will be the final and most worshipful time to walk through the stations, pray, meditate and enjoy the interpretations of the different artists. Some of the pieces are pretty standard painted depictions of the station, some are more abstract or minimalist, others you may find very controversial. We have everything from hands on art, where you finish the piece, musical pieces with video (that's mine), and lots more. Now I just have to go get it all set up for tonight! Come out for free food and drinks tonight from 6 - 9pm come out some time next week during the day or next Friday from 6 - 9 for a quiet contemplative worship experience.


dlweston said...

That sounds amazing. Will there be images of the art anywhere online?

Sarah Louise said...

I'm very excited to see what other people have done with their stations...I had fun doing mine (#8 Jesus Greets the Women)