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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

house gathering

We had a very interesting discussion tonight at our house gathering. Well, it started by driving out to the South Hills, we listened to Outkast because I was in the mood to laugh at Abraham. He was in a crazy mood tonight. It was a smaller group, only four of us, but we had some great discussion about race. Maggie prepared a great meal for us. Afterwards we watched a television show called Black. White. Its a show on FX where a white family and a black family live in the same house, put on makeup to look like they are either black or white, which ever they are not, and then deal with all the racial issues that come up. Racism is such a difficult issue iin our culture. One guy on the show made everybody mad, Bruno. He was unable to admit that black people begin life in a situation that makes success from a white standpoint very difficult. I don't think we can talk about reconciliation if we're not willing to admit that some people are far more priveleged in life and some begin life in difficult circumstances that are rooted in racism and injustice.


dlweston said...

I swear they found the absolute most naive whote people in the world to be on that show. It is unfortunate that there are people like that in the world. It is fortunate that I don't know many.

There's always room for Outkasts!

John said...

I think you would be surprised just how many naive white people there are in this country!

Sarah Louise said...

so that's how you spell Outkast. I wouldn't have thunk it.

twas a great discussion!

dlweston said...

I probably wouldn't be surprised. As "the black guy" at my seminary, I've heard some things that shock and disappoint me. Still, for my own sanity, I choose to believe its not all that bad.