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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bad Attitudes

My last post, I must admit, was in celebration of city living, especially for the sake of the environment. I've been thinking about the attitudes I had toward the city and people who live in the city when I was growing up in the suburbs. They weren't so good. I've also been thinking about the attitudes of many of my city dwelling friends toward people who live in the suburbs, they aren't so good either!

Today we're starting a partnership at the Open Door between ourselves and Fountain Park Church, a church plant in the suburbs. The nature of the partnership is designed to help the two congregations be more effective in fighting AIDS and poverty in Africa, specifically a few small villages among the Massai people of Kenya. I'm really kind of tired of the bad attitudes between suburbanites and city dwellers. Hopefully having a partnership in mission will bring some reconciliation and communication between the city and burbs. And hopefully together we can do some good in the lives of children as we combat a disease so much larger than we can imagine, HIV/AIDS.

God is bigger...


Chris said...

Thanks for having Terry speak at The Open Door tonight - it was a great way to cross that bridge between the suburbs and where we live. Since I'm from a small town rural church, which is poorer than any suburban church and less eclectic than most urban churches, this year's experiences at Open Door and Northmont have been eye-opening for me. While I've tended to be judgmental of rich churches recently (another stereotype I have of the suburbs), I see how they are supporting other younger and poorer churches in amazing ways - Christ's body truly is made up of a variety of parts, both supporting each other and working together. I think the World Vision partnership is a great way to emphasize both the partnership these churches should have and to open doors for the things they can teach each other. Keep up the good work!


Sarah Louise said...

I am *so* a city girl. I've lived in the 'burbs and I work in the 'burbs and I hope I never have to live in the 'burbs again. For me, it's not the people, but the geography--I like living near stuff and the fact that it takes me 10 minutes to get to "Dahntahn." I think this partnership is a good thing, very much so!! It's easy to be a city snob or a suburb snob, but harder if your friends live where you don't live and you have to visit them...having spent a week in Boston and a week in a small town in New England (back to back, this March) opened my eyes, big time.

ty said...

sin is always a bad thing :) perhaps thats why the Lord's prayer has 9 us, we, and our references and no i, me, mine and also forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Judging others and a bad attitude is simply: "I'm better than them because . . ." This mentality happens no matter where you live, your economic background, or ethnic heritage. Hope the partnership works well.