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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Not Quite What You Expect

I'm learning that things rarely turn out as I expect them to. Last fall some Open Door folks wanted to start a simple bible study at the Union Project. We wanted a bible study with no ulterior motives, just an opportunity for people to dig into scripture, maybe for the first time, and discover its richness. We were hoping that we could connect with people from our neighborhood who may not connect through our weekly worship gatherings and house gatherings.

We've been calling our study on Luke CSI, Community Scripture Investigation. I know, another cheesy acronym! But it works! Anyway, last night we gathered in someone's home instead of the Union Project. Her apartment is in a place where many disabled, blind, and elderly people live. The woman who's lives in the apartment invited two of her friends, both blind. It was amazing to experience their kindness excitement to gather with us. We decided to meet there again next week. Who knows what CSI will turn into. We pray for discernment. Chris, one of the leaders of the study, amused with BJ yesterday that the Open Door doesn't have many elder or shut in people like most churches around here... instead he noticed that we go out and look for them. It was great studying scripture with them and learning from one another.

This was not at all what we expected CSI to turn into. It's not what we expected God to do. I'm still not sure what God will do. Pray that we have discernment as we consider how we might continue ministry with the many people at this apartment facility.

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terrytimm said...

what a beautiful thing to be surprised (both by God and other people). here's to many more along the path of the open door.