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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mixing with Téah

I've begun work on the next album. We've been talking about doing a Christmas album for a long time. The goal is to create something different, and yet something which is very traditional. We're using some very old Christmas hymns and ancient melodies. We only have arrangements for about five songs right now that we actually want on the album, though we've done tons of arrangements over the years at Community Worship and The Open Door. We're really shooting for something different than what we've done live and in worship in the past. We have one song almost completed and another with the basic tracks. I think we'll continue working slowly one song at a time with the goal of having it finished by next September. I get quite obsessed Alyssa says when I start to get into the recording and mixing process. These days I can't ignore Téah while I'm working, so I'm trying to get her opinion on the levels, the amount of reverb and delay and especially on the E.Q. of mom's vocals. So far she seems pretty happy with our work, though she is a very critical producer. She's still trying to talk me into doing Away in a Manger so we can have some farm animals in the mix, I think she's shooting for an "Old McDonaldesque" sound. I'm not sure that's what we're going for!


Brian said...

Awesome photos John. Looks like you've got a young star!

Sarah Louise said...

are you going to do the counting song "one for the little bitty baby, born, born, born in Bethlehem?" Cause I'll buy advance copies. I LOVE that song.