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Monday, March 27, 2006

Last Year

It's been about a year since Alyssa's notorious trip to Boston. The most brief version of the story begins with her flight. While the plane was half way between Pittsburgh and Boston Alyssa began having all the symtoms of having a miscarraige. This was last February of 2005, so you can figure out that she didn't lose the baby. We considered it a miracle when after almost a day of mourning another miscarraige the doctor found a healthy heartbeat. It was an unbelievable roller coaster of emotions, me in the burgh and Alyssa in Boston. I needed someone to talk to during that time and just be with while I waited to hear what I thought would be bad news from Alyssa at the Boston emergency room. I found comfort hanging out with two friends here at the seminary, a couple who had never gone through this kind of thing, but who were great at just being there. Alyssa's friend Tash was her only comfort in Boston, I'm glad she was there for Alyssa. Recently I learned that they were going to have the same joy of a first child. Alyssa has been getting all sorts of stuff together to give to them, maternity clothes and infant stuff. This weekend we found out that they lost their unborn baby. Its such a hard thing and yet it seems so common.

September 2004 - September 2005 was the craziest year of my life... so far. Pregnacy - miscarraige - pregnancy - boston trip - a month of testing to see if our baby was really ok - Teah's birth.

We'll be here for our friends if and when they need it.


dlweston said...

Thanks for sharing that, John. As Marnie and I start thinking about having kids, the thought of miscarriage and how we would handle that really scares me. I'll keep your friends in prayer.

Sarah Louise said...

Yes, thanks for sharing. My brother is the miracle that came after my mom had many miscarriages and 2 premies that died (back when premies didn't live) eleven years after I was born. (and after we adopted my sister when I was ten.) I'll keep your friends in prayer too.

Yes, do the math, we had me, and then ten years later, adopted, and my mom didn't know she was pregnant and the pregnancy worked! We are now 34, 24, and 23. God is good.

Terry L. Mann said...

John - That does bring back memories, most of them painful. I still remember Alyssa calling ne crying because she was not able to get in touch with you, and me being concerned with you thinking about how I would feel in your shoes wanting to be there for you wife and not being able to. Good thing you had friends!

But now with Teah here, it hurts a lot less!


John said...

Terry, I won't forget our conversation that day either. I remember walking through Highland Park talking. I couldn't sit in the appartment all alone so I walked all over the neighborhood talking to you and my parents waiting for another call from Alyssa.