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Friday, February 03, 2006

Why have worship at 6pm??????????

We've been asked why we have worship at 6pm. I didn't really come up with the time, though my former church also worshiped at 6pm. Is there something about celebrating sabbath by not having get up in the morning, but relaxing a bit during the day, is there a freedom in spending family time during the morning and afternoon? Maybe. This sign helped me realize that maybe we had the same problem as this church, maybe that explains why there are a bunch of babies too!


Sarah Louise said...

Well, OD started as a second/alternative service at BPC, hence the 6pm time. (I think it was at 7 for awhile before changing to 5 or 5:30) I like it b/c if we're doing something like the Super Bowl I can go visit another church in the morning. Today I went to Fountain Park, which was lovely.

Apostle John said...

I see no reason why anyone would be surprised at a 6 PM service. I've seen 6 AM services (yuck!).