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Saturday, February 11, 2006

my favorite people

These are my two favorite people, my wife Alyssa and Téah Jane. Sorry I've gotten away from writting meaningful posts on theology, mission, and the sort. I actually have too much I could write on that stuff right now, if I start going I know I'll waste too much time! So enjoy the simplicity and the nice pictures!


Morris said...

You have a very nice family!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

Terry L. Mann said...

What is the heck is my granddaughter up to?


Apostle John said...

Great pic!

alyssa said...

She's eating me, can't you tell?! You have a very strange granddaughter. I'm allowed to say that too since I'm her mother and she probably inherits her strangeness from me.

Sarah Louise said...

Do not apologize for sharing teah and alyssa with us...we luff them!!