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Friday, February 10, 2006

Goodbye Ian

First of all, we're happy to announce that you can buy all of our music, including the whole of Can't Make out the Stars, online in MP3 form now! Go to
yahoo to buy it or to listen. It'll be on itunes soon.

Last night was
This Side of Eve's last show with Ian, our drummer. He's moving to California. We began the show with Ian on guitar playing a song he wrote and recorded on Aching from Wanting More. Ian then moved to drums, but later moved over to the bass and did an acoustic set with Alyssa and me. It was a fun show for us, lose, but fun. We were a little louder than normal, and I played longer guitar solos than normal.

Personel changes are hard for us because we ask for so much commitment, not big time commitment, but big creative commitment. Being our drummer doesn't mean you just learn some parts, it means to take part in writing songs and creating the sound of what TSE is. All along Ian has done that. It'll be hard to replace him. We will probably get a new drummer, but not someone who adds so much creatively.

The band is in a major transitional period right now. Alyssa and I are completely committed to writing new music and playing out in the city, but we're not sure what that will look like in the future. Last fall our bass player, Chris Hilf left the band in order to be a better dad and focus on work and school. We were fortunate enough to add Nate Steven's as our new bassist, he's been great. Bill has been talking about leaving the band for a while, but has decided he'd like play with us on a more limited basis. We thought that was cool. Now with Ian gone, Alyssa and I are the only original members, though Bill's been around for a long time now.

I'm looking forward to the future. When I'm done with school, have a house and a permanent rehearsal space, and a little more time to write, see local music, and play out.


Sarah Louise said...

Well, just keep on rockin.' I told Alyssa that "Aching" is hitting me exactly where I am right now, so I just am so glad yins are committed to keep on doing what you've been doing. But we'll understand if you take a break in March...

John said...

thanks for the encouragement!