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Friday, February 24, 2006


Finals are over (I only had one exam this week, and two papers probably my easiest finals week). I had jury duty on Tuesday for the first time. That was very interesting. I was there all day. There were two cases, one attempted homicide case where the guy shot up four different people. The other was a murder trial, one homeless man who killed another. I was surprised that the accused men were brought into the room with the hundred or so potential jurors. The attorneys then had us sit one by one with them at a table with the accused and themselves and questioned us to see if we were the kind of juror they wanted. I was questioned twice, but not chosen.

Today Alyssa, Téah and me spent three whole hours at Dwelling House Savings and Loan where we finally completed all the paper work for our FHA loan. The bank thinks we have a very good chance of getting it without a problem. The onlynegativee is that I've only had my job for seven months and before that my jobs have not been very long since I worked for Wexford Presbyterian Church. I don't think it's a big enough deal for them not to give us the loan.

Finally, this semester is over! Finally I'm entering my final semester of seminary! Finally it looks like we'll actually be able to buy this house, it's only taken four months to get to this point!


Sarah Louise said...

Woo hoo! (on the house bit and the finals bit, not on the jury bit.)

Anonymous said...

John, what you have been dealing with reminds me of some of the diifficult backpacking days we've spent walking up huge Blueridge Mountains. Remember what it's like to finally get to the top, round the last bend and see what the God of creation has made. Breathe taking, wasn't it! That's what I'll feel again when you gradute, move into your new house and focus 100% on Teah, Alyssa and Gods plan for your miistry.