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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nine Papers in Two Days

Basically we had to write nine three to five page papers in nine hours. My brain in fried! Most everyone I've talked to felt the Theology and Worship and Sacraments exams were fair, but the Polity exam was way too much for the amount of time given. It seemed like I could have spent twice as long on that one. Some poeple were in the middle of the test when time ran out. I think I might be taking that one over, we'll see. At least I managed my time and finished everything.

Now I have to do the exegesis exam, we got the exam today and we'll have to hand it in Thursday morning. Basically in our exegesis classes we have a semester to write a 20 page exegesis paper. Now we have to write a 20 - 25 page exegesis paper in five days - NO FUN! I can't wait until this is over! I just hope I pass some of them.

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Brian said...

Godspeed John.