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Thursday, January 05, 2006

An Emergent Coversation at PTS?!?!?

This looks cool, it's being put on by our friend Brian Walace from the seminary.

You want answers about the Emerging church, you'll get some at this! And probably leave with more questions too!

The schedule for the Emerging Church Conversation @ PTS has been finalized.
February 9th
Noon - Dr. John Franke speaks at Evangelical Student Fellowship (Dining Room #1 - Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
3:15 pm - Dr. John Franke, The Many and the One: Toward a Theology of Christian Pluralism (Room #4 - Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
4:30 pm - A Conversation about the Emerging Church with Dr. John Franke and Emergent leaders from Pittsburgh (Room #4 - Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
6 pm - Dr. John Franke visits with Emergent Pittsburgh Cohort (Contact BJ Woodworth( for more information)

More information is available at

Any help you can offer in the way of publicity (or feedback) would be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

John, when is this happening? Sounds very cool!

John said...

Oh yeah, it's Feb. 9th!

Apostle John said...

Looks interesting. Makes me want to look at my calendar to see if I could fly up to the seminary for a look-see.