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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Téah Jane Talks too Much

Over the past week Téah has changed more than quickly than ever. She's learned how to talk! Well, not really talk like you and I do, but it baby language. She'll just start going and there's no stopping her, whether you're listening or not she's going to talk your ear off. Its really cute, she uses vocal inflections and facial expressions just like she would if she were telling a really serious or really funny story. For Christmas Téah got an excersaucer from her cousin Gavin, it was his a couple years back. She loves it. Its a perfect example of another way she's changed over the past week, she can now sit up in this thing and entertain herself for long periods of time... this is a gift sent from the hands of God himself for Alyssa and me! About while ago Téah began playing by herself while laying on the floor, but she soon learned how to rollover. At first this new trick was great entertainment to all baby spectators, but soon we realized she could only go from to stomach and not from stomach to back, and we already knew that Téah despised being left laying on her stomach! For some reason she loves to rollover, but hates to be on her stomach, meaning if we lay her down on her back she's soon crying to be rolled back over by us from her stomach to her back. Anyway, that's why we now love the exersaucer, and as the name implies, she still gets lots of developmentally good exercise.

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