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Friday, December 16, 2005

Over the Rhine

Alyssa, Téah and I are in Cincinatti to visit my sister Jill and brother in law Jeremy. Actually, we're also here to see our favorite band, Over the Rhine. They've been an inspiration and influence for us for many years. Over the Rhine was a four piece band when we got into them in the 90's. Back then they had a great guitarist, Ric Hordinski, who's playing I've tried to emulate for years, with only a little success. He left the band in I think 1997. When two of the members got married and the other two left the band. Now they're basically a 2 piece with other musicians who fill in. There music has changed greatly over the years, each album as good or better than the last, and yet very different. Tomorrow night is their Christmas concert in their home town (yes we stole the Christmas conert idea from them). Thanks to Jill we have a free babysitter! check them out at the otr website.

I saw a really cool blog today that was done by a photographer. Nothing but photographs with people's comments on the art. I'd love to try that, so, here's a couple of my photographs, though i'm not a photographer.

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