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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I have about a thousand CD's at home, but I rarely buy them anymore. Alyssa and I use itunes almost exclusively now. It's just easy! Sometimes, when I'm really excited about an album I'll still buy the hard copy, it's fun to have the actual art work. This Side of Eve music is also available on itunes, our whole first album, and three songs off the new one. itunes also just added a feature for gifting music, I bought Alyssa an Innocence Mission album today for Christmas on itunes, she probably already got it. So, if you want you can "gift" our music on itunes, it's probably the easiest way to send little Christmas presents to people! For instance people can buy "All Over Again", "Don't Cry", or "Home" for just $.99 a piece through their itunes account and have it appear on their friend's account as a gift. I don't know, I thought it was a pretty cool way to support local muscians trying to pay off credit card debt from recording an album! Go to the TSE site in your itunes!


richard said...

Gideon goes to sleep listening to the innocence mission cd Birds of my Neighborhood everynight. He says you chose a good gift.

terry said...
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terry said...

john -

merry christmas to you. thanks for sharing the journey. i pray the new year is filled with numerous TSE downloads from itunes.


bj woodworth said...

you are almost famous!