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Monday, December 05, 2005

Cars Suck, Buy a Horse!

Really, cars pollute, they break down, people die in them all the time! The only time somebody dies from walking someplace is when they're hit by a car! If you would have talked to me last week I would not be so negative about the old horseless buggy, but today I am. We traded in Alyssa's Saturn SL1 for a car that we can fit Teah in along with our musical equipment. We got a 2002 Saturn wagon. Seemingly a great car, until yesterday when the transmission got all funky. After a day of hardly being able to drive it, today it's fine. Of course it'll have no problem when I take it back to the dealer tomorrow, they'll probably say it's just fine.

On top of that BJ had to miss staff meeting today because Katrina's car got a flat tire. The bolts on the wheels were so tight he actually broke his tire iron! The mechanic had to actually melt the bolt off the wheel with a blow torch!!!!

I really am trying to drive less for the sake of the environment. Maybe my 100 fewer miles a month won't do much, but maybe if we all try to drive less we can make a little difference in our part of the world. Did you know we have some of the worst air pollution in the country due to car, but more so due to our severely out dated powerplants. So buy a horse, or more realistically buy a bike or some good walking shoes.

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Terry L. Mann said...

Believe me John, if I could walk to work . . . I WOULD!!!


bj woodworth said...

God bless the amish and other crunchy, granola people who live in the East End. Walk on says Bono...........

Sarah Louise said...

Ditto. (Or I'd gladly take a bus if it meant I'd be taking one as opposed to three.)

Have you heard the country song "Save A Horse, Ride a Cowboy?" It came to mind when I saw your post title. Can't wait til Saturday.

Backwoods Presbyterian said...

Interestingly enough the amount of pollution created by Cows and other farm animals far outweigh the amount of pollution made by automobiles.

John said...

Mr. Backwoods Presbyterian, Well, that's why I'm a vegetarian! I don't want to contribute to such terrible forms of air pollution. Plants are good right? : )