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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

stupid planning

I can be the worst at planning things.

This week I have final exams and final papers due. That means I have to read books that I have to write the papers on. I also planned our CD release party for Thursday, the only date I could get that was decent. A few months back I agreed to preach one time this fall, I would have done more, but I only was really needed once, and of course I ended up slated to preach this weekend, the day before final papers are due! So, I'm really busy, and poorly planned, and complaining right now. But, it'll all be fine, I'm getting used to having these kinds of weeks every once in a while because of my habitually poor use of a calendar! Luckily this is the easiest finals week I've had so far at school.

And another good thing, Andy Wessel is now updating our
This Side of Eve website, he'll be creating a new one for us hopefully in the near future, I have some cool ideas!


alyssa said...

let me know what I can do to help.

love you

Terry L. Mann said...


Want to borrow one of my old sermons? Lord knows it is not used up!