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Friday, November 18, 2005

Honky Tonk Angel

Thanks everybody who came out to the CD release party and bought the CD! We hope you love it! Here's what the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had to say about Can't Make Out the Stars.

Next time you see Alyssa she prefers to be called by her new nickname, the "Honky Tonk Angel!"

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article

Members: Alyssa Creasy, the voice of a honky-tonk angel, piano and organ, beats; John Creasy, lead guitar, lap steel and digital programming; Bill Adams, guitar, some vocals, mandolin and Bluebelles-esque harmonica on "May"; Chris Hilf, bass; and Ian White, drums and programming.

The sound: Despite occasional forays into what's sure to be referred to as folktronica, This Side of Eve is all about Americana, from country to folk, and blessed with gorgeous female vocals perfect for this kind of music.

Checkered past: The Creasys were once part of Pittsburgh's ska-revival scene with The Toniks.

The album: "Can't Make Out the Stars," a sophomore effort you wouldn't believe was recorded at home on a Powerbook laptop. Their previous effort, "Aching From Wanting More," was a favorite of WYEP, where it made the list of Top 10 local efforts of 2003. And several of the highlights here -- from the alt-country pop of the opener, "May," to the melancholy ache of "These Streets Alone" (the folktronica song) -- sound ripe for airplay on stations like WYEP from here to, well, just about anywhere.

The release party: Tonight at 8 p.m. at Garfield Artworks, 4931 Penn Ave, with Sweden's Cake on Cake and The Leonard Cohen Ensemble One, a local band that does not feature Leonard Cohen. All ages welcome. Admission


terry said...

John -

Sorry I missed the party. I heard it was a great night. You should be proud (in a humble kind of way). How many M.Div students at PTS have ever had a write-up like this in the post-gazette? Keep breaking new ground.


Terry L. Mann said...

I am glad to be the father of a "Honky Tonk Angel!"

Sarah Louise said...

You guys rocked! I came in and sat for like three songs, including the one where Nate played bass. Looking forward to listening to the rest of the album.

John said...

ALyssa's new name is really catching on, I'm not sure how much she likes it though, that ok, keep it going!

Thomas said...

Hi from Houston.

Ruef said...

I think the Honkey Tonk Angel is quite an appropriate title for Alyssa because everytime she sings O Come, O Come Emmanuel, I have to make sure that she is human because her voice is so heavenly that I get chills. Thank you Lord for blessing her with such amazing talents. Bob Ruefle