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Friday, November 11, 2005

Can't Make Our the Stars

Our new album, Can't Make Out the Stars, showed up today! 1000 cd's! That means we have to sell a lot!

Our CD release party is next Thursday, Nov. 17th at 8pm at Garfield Artworks. You need to come out and celebrate with us the release of our second album. Garfield Artworks is the new hip place for bands to play in Pittsburgh, at least for the more artsy, DIY crowd. It's also an art gallery. Considering this album was done about 80% on our own, I think it's pretty DIY!


Terry L. Mann said...

The new CD is excellent!! You have done a good job of crafting music to match lyrics and playing to your strengths.

Rodger Sellers said...

Hi John:

Don't know what you're gonna be selling them for, but put us down for 5 - 10 and we'll sell them on our CD table at The Portico -- give you guys some exposure in Charlotte. Le me know how much / where / etc. you need to cover say 10 of them and shipping.

Rodger Sellers

marlaena said...

very excited about thursday and getting my very own official cd!! are you going to do some other shows soon? club cafe, maybe??

John said...

For info on shows check out it's getting updated again, for a while we couldn't make any updates.

We’ll get into some good venues like Club CafĂ© in January, right now we only have two other shows booked. We’re playing in New York City in January and we’re playing at the Union Project in on December 10th... That will be a really fun show with Nate Smith and Brad Richards opening. It’ll have a Christmas theme.