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Monday, October 31, 2005

UBC Pastor Died While Baptizing

This was one of the saddest things I've heard in a long time. University Baptist Church is a church near Baylor University's campus in Waco Texas. The church was founded by David Crowder and Chris Seay. This Sunday morning during worship the pastor was electrocuted during worship. This church reminds me a lot of the Open Door. They are one of the churches that we look to as an example that we want to follow in many ways. Their music has greatly influenced me as a worship leader and musician. The pastor, Kyle Lake, was a few years younger than BJ. We mourn with them as and pray for them. Read the article in the local Waco news. local Waco news


Garretblog17 said...

I really can't think of too many more ridiculus and sensless things. It seems that that is too powerful of a sign to ignore. It either means (in my head) that there was a fantastically unexplainable reason for this pastors death or that life is just a series of stupid meaningless coincidences and that it is all just a silly excercise in futility. Either way we are left fumbling in the dark when something like this happens. What do you think God said or would say to this man's family, to us? Next time I see you John if you think of it and it is appropriate mention it maybe we can mull it over a bit, get some other people involved.
-Garret Smith

John said...

This is a good blog to read if this pastor's death is getting to you. She is a member of the church.