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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Here We Go Steelers!

I was really excited about this week's Monday night game. You see, I don't get to watch that many Steeler games these days. Since I began working with the Open Door I've had music rehearsal on Sunday afternoons. I usually blame BJ for choosing Sunday nights for our worship time, I mean what kind of Pittsburgher would make the musicians rehearse during football games! Maybe musicians aren't really supposed to like football, but I guess I'm too much of Pittsburgher. So anyway, I had big plans for this Monday night, until they got bigger! BJ got tickets to the game and asked me to join him! Woohoo! I haven't been to a game in a few years, I think the last one was two years ago and it was officially one of the worst games they ever played, I think Maddox had like 25 yards of passing. I'm sure this will be a better game. My first Monday nighter.


Apostle John said...

As Pastor/Church Staff Appreciation Month comes to a close, know that you are appreciated for what you do in God's work.

Sarah Louise said...

John, that rocks! Have a great time. Here we go Steelers, here we go!!