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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A Collision

I am right now listening to a great album. It's David Crowder Band's newest, just released a few weeks ago. You know I don't listen to much "Christian" music, but this one is worth it. The movement of this album and the diversity is fantastic! The band moves from big sounding worship songs with walls of electric guitars and digital drum beats mixed with acoustic drums to pure old fashion blue grass! That's right blue grass! Crowder never ceases to amaze! I really like the blended songs using traditional country instruments and electronica beats and programming.

The album's name and the song called A Collision got me thinking about worship. The concept of the album is really a pretty deep theological thought on what worship really is. The reality of our sinfulness and our inability to meet with God on our own is so obvious to me as a worship leader. But God creates a "collision" through the incarnation. A beautiful collision of deity and humanity. In worship we meet with the transcendent God and we place ourselves at His feet. This album helps me to do that and it helps me to remember why a missional church like the Open Door keeps meeting for corporate worship.


Sarah Louise said...

The worship at the OD always has me thinking "God do you hear me?" because there is a power in singing the words. I know that song is what saved me, that and the poetry of Psalm 139. Sermons are informative, but the music has healing and purging powers. Have you heard Cutless' Strong Tower? It's all these worship songs with a RR beat (a lot like the OD)-- Marlaena and I both like it. Btw, my sister's friend didn't bail, she just never paid me. It was all a misunderstanding. Fixed now--yahoo!

John said...

you'll have to get me a copy of that CD!

terry said...

john - thanks for sharing your thoughts on collision and worship. i think crowder's theme is one we need to pursue at our emergent gathering in october.

and btw - i agree with you on "the christian" music thing. i just reviewed Willow Creek's Next Generation Conference brochure and these two seminars caught my attention:

My Favorite Worship Leaders Don't Even Believe in God

Everything I Needed to Learn about Worship Leadership I Learned from an Irish Rock Star.

speaks volumnes doesn't it?