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Friday, October 07, 2005

CD Pressing and Anxious Waiting

I'm so excited the new This Side of Eve album is finally getting pressed and printed! The recording is done, the mixing and mastering are done, the art work has been chosen, designed and completed. There's so much that goes into creating an album, especially when everything from writting the songs to recording the tracks are done 100% by the band. Three of the songs on the album were recorded at a studio, but the rest were done in our homes, at bellefield church, and at Alyssa's parent's house. Ian, our drummer even did all the CD art designing. Now it's like waiting for Christmas before the 1000 CD's show up at our appartment. Imagine working on something for over a year and then sending it away in pieces to be put together into 1000 little bundles for people to enjoy. I really hope the work will pay off and you'll all love the music we've created.

I love the picture here, it's from our last show before our hiatus. Alyssa was very pregnant at the time! She's doing great now, and so it Teah.

Oh yeah, our CD release party is going to be November 17th at the Hard Rock Cafe! We need lots of poeple so you have to try to come! It'll be a great time, we'll have to sell tickets, so make sure you get one from me.

In the mean time check out our music on itunes or at CD Baby where you can listen and get a hard copy of three songs from the new album.

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Sarah Louise said...

This fall is full of good new stuff: babies and more babies and now music! I love your new profile pic.