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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


We were talking today in Church and Sacraments about the fact that more people consider themselves "spiritual" or even Christians than many people expected in the US. The problem with American Christianity, according to this professor, is that we are individualistic. We look for a spirituality and a church that encourages our "friendship" with God, but does not require much from us. This professor is calling for a move in the church back to the traditions of the Christian faith and back to committment to community.

The Open Door is committed to being a community that not only contextualizes the gospel for people who cannot relate to the church in our day, we are also committed to molding one another into the church. The church which spans 2000 years. We believe God is and has worked in and through the church. We seek to be rooted in scripture and in the traditions of what God has done in the past. We seek to know the traditional creeds. Not that we believe they all hold absolute truth, but they reflect the ways the church has understood their roll in the world in the past. The creeds can help us to form our communities of faith today. The creeds can also help us find unity within the church universal, as well as come to a more solid understanding of who God is.

The Open Door is rooted in the historic Christian faith and in the community of faith.

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