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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Death of a Servant

A couple days ago I posted an article about a man I knew who like me was a cyclist and Christian. His death has haunted me because it happen on the day Teah was born and because he died cycling in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, where I like most to ride. You can read about him below.

Today I read a much more bizarre, but very sad story. Just recently we at the Open Door have begun learning from the Taize community in France. Their 90 year old leader was killed this week during a prayer service. BBC Article, Taize Site

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I am Pamela Foran, the widow of Dermot Foran who died August 11, 2005. I was literally googling myself on the internet and found your comment about my husband's accident and death. I was proud that you saw him as a man to mirror as a Christian...he touched a lot of lives in his short time here on earth. I was curious how you knew him; you must have gotten to know him more than casually if he impressed you as the strong Christian man that he was. I would love to hear from you. You can email me at Thank you so much for your prayers and for posting the article. I am amazed at the people who still to this day come up to me in a store to tell me they are praying for me and my children. I was very blessed to have been his wife and have become a better person because of it. We were a great team and were meant to be together forever. Our tie is still strong and I know he is there sometimes giving me the nudge I need. Were it not for our strong foundation of faith in God we would not have made it through this past year. This Friday August 11 we will have a memorial mass at St John Neumann Church on Rochester Rd, Pgh. All are welcome to attend.
Congratulations of the birth of your daughter who is now almost a year old!! Enjoy her.

Pamela Foran