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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This Side of Eve E.P.

The picture here will be used with the brand new This Side of Eve E.P. I took it last summer when we were on vacation at the outerbanks in North Carolina. That was around the time we were playing around with buying a Powerbook and trying to record an album with it. Well, it worked. I am totally amazed at how this ablum has turned out, that's why I can't wait until October for you to hear some of it! Check out CD Baby to buy our first album, I'll let you know when you can get the new E.P.

The E.P. was supposed to be digital only, available on I-Tunes and Napster, but we had to do hard copies for CD Baby to do the digital distribution. That means you will be able to buy a hard copy through CD Baby for $5. The E.P. will have "All Over Again", "Don't Cry", and "Home" on it, and it'll be very limited. I'm actually doing the artwork and burning the CD's here at home, so they're a bit "home grown", but doesn't home grown stuff always taste better! The hard copies will be availalbe very soon at CDbaby, it'll take a while before Itunes and everyone has it up on their sights to download digitally.

The CD features one of our best songs, All Over Again. Bill Adams wrote and sings lead on this song. It's one of my favorite songs to play guitar on too! Alyssa sings a great harmony vocal and Tony Matz from Tangerine sings the coolest harmony ever! Tony is a good friend of the band, he's helped us out a ton for the past few years, getting us shows, giving advise on all sorts of stuff we're clueless on, he even helped us record the drums on the new album. When Tony offered to do a harmony vocal on All Over Again, I knew it would be cool. Tony's voice is very deep and unique. He has the kind of voice that you get addicted to because you don't here anything like it anywhere else and because it just sounds great... I can't explain it, go listen to his stuff at Tangerine's site! The album and the E.P. are being released through Tony's record label too, Vochella Records. I must say it's a lot of fun working with people and colaborating on projects!

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terry said...

john -

cool to hear about the process. my daughter just became the first in our household to go over to the dark side - mac that is. she picked up a powerbook a couple of days ago and is loving it. my 15 year old son is really into garage band. he has the opportunity in school to take a 5 day a week music tech course and so he is becoming pretty proficient with the software.

your post is kind of like a digital "storytellers." thanks.