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Friday, July 29, 2005

Green Candy

Alyssa can tell you I would not be very excited about green candy unless it wasn't really candy that you could eat. I really don't like candy, that sugary hard stuff that's bad for your teeth. I've never liked candy much. I do like chocolate, but salty snack food is my favorite! But that's all besides the point, my green candy is our new green i-pod mini.

This is definately a shared new toy between Alyssa and me, it's more hers than it is mine, you know how that goes. But we've learned how to share and play together pretty well over the years. I've wanted an i-pod for a while, but could never justify spending the money. With the baby on the way we were thinking about how we would play music in the baby's room, it was the perfect excuse to get an i-pod! We could have spent less and bought a CD player, but we felt like splurging. We have some old but good computer speakers that we set up in the baby's room, all we have to do is plug in the ipod and select the baby's playlist, no cd's or cd cases laying around anymore. It already has some of the baby's music on it, which brings up another discussion, I hate most lullaby music! So far I've downloaded a bunch of Mozart and Bach, which is supposed to make your baby smart! And also a great lullaby album by The Innocence Mission, a great band that's been around for years. I've never gotten into them as much as Over the Rhine, but they're very similar. They are Christians, but create their music to be listened to by all people, i.e. they've avoided the Christian music industry which can be less Christian than you can imagine.

Anyway Alyssa and I are excited about our new toy. I kinda feel like we gave into the mass marketing of the mac empire, but it really does work well and almost eliminate the need for CD's, and hey, we're musicians right! Hope I didn't make you jealous, we did wait for over a year before we bought it.

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