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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Changes Come

One of Alyssa's favorite songs is called Changes by Over the Rhine. The song goes... "changes come, turn my world around." As Alyssa and I wait for our baby to be born later this summer we are expecting a lot of change to come in our lives. Born is the name of another Over the Rhine song! Right now I can only imagine what changes will come with a new life that is completely dependent on the two of us. I must say I'm very excited to finally hold the baby that back in February we thought had lost it's life. I'm also a bit scared of the changes that I cannot foresee for the future.

I think I'm most scared by the friends I've seen over the years disappear after having children. I've seen people completely quit all that they love to do and stop hanging out with the people they are friends with after having a child. But I've also seen parents who do the opposite. They bring their children up in ways that often include them in the things they love. My own dad is a perfect example of this. When I was 9 years old he got me on a bike and going on bike trips all over the country with him every summer. We still ride together now. So I hope I can keep my life open to others and open to the things I love in life when I have a child. Actually, I'm sure my child will become the #1, or #2 (next to Alyssa), priority in my life, I'm looking forward to that change.

I have to remember that change is carries with it good things and not so good things. I have a feeling the good changes will far outweigh the bad!

Another cool song about change is by Tangerine, our friends in the Pittsburgh music scene.

BTW the master of our album came yesterday, it sounds awesome! This Side of Eve

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terry said...

hey john - glad to hear about the master - can't wait to hear it.

btw - i would love to get together sometime and hear about your experience in april at the worship arts deal - it's been a while since we have been together