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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Release Day: Solace E.P.

All three now songs, now available for download and streaming on Bandcamp!

It was Ash Wednesday, just a couple weeks ago, when I come home, ashes imparted to the congregation and to myself, when I came home and started a new project. The contemplative, meditative prayer experience that BJ had designed was a beautiful engagement with pain, suffering, loss, death and the reality of our humanity. Earlier in the day I had prayerfully burned the palms of last year's Palm Sunday worship gathering of The Open Door. Now those same palms that children and adults waved in worship were sorrowfully imparted on the foreheads of those same adults and children. Something about that experience created a deep peace within me during a time in my life that has been extremely difficult. It was a powerful but calming start to the Lenten season when we reflect upon the reality of humanity, the reality of sin, the reality of our finite mortality. Lent is also the time when we recognize that a man named Jesus was killed for his perfect representation of humanity. Well, I'm not here to try to develop the historic Christian theology of Lent and Jesus' passion, but rather allow you to hear a bit of the music that I've been working on this season of Lent.

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